Little Pony x Magkinder Mini Car Set 34pcs

Little Pony x Magkinder Mini Car Set 34pcs

  • 產品優點:

    * 韓國公司的世界專利齒輪式卡榫設計!比一般建構片耐用堅固、不易倒塌

    * 著重於八大能力:促進大腦潛能、社交能力,3D空間立體感,想像力,創造力,建立感官能力,數理邏輯、科學化思考

    * 訓練專注力和小肌肉發展

    * 無毒材質,邊角圓滑不怕刮傷小手,獲世界各國專利認證,CE,ASTM

    * 附有圖片卡,從玩具中教孩子數字,字母,交通圖案




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    • Included SF express fee to commercial address or SF Store. Addtional fee charged by SF will be paid by buyers.



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    Other terms and conditions:

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    • No refund for the sold products
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