Co-Block X Little Pony Jelly Blocks 軟膠積木 ECO PASTEL 120P

Co-Block X Little Pony Jelly Blocks 軟膠積木 ECO PASTEL 120P



  • 韓國製造
  • 產品符合EN71歐盟及韓國KC安全標準
  • 產品擁有韓國及美國設計專利
  • 安全及柔軟
  • 不含有毒成份,可放入口咬
  • 有利兒童發展
    • 訓練自發性
    • 身體發展
    • 手眼協調
    • 促進辨識能力
    • 啟發創意、增強自信
    • 改善解決問題能力
  • 適合3個月以上小朋友



  • Made in Korea
  • The product complies with EN71 CE & KC safety standards
  • Obtain Patent in Korea & United States
  • Soft & Safe
  • BPA Free
  • Good for child’s development
    • Spontaneity
    • Physical Development
    • Development of Hand & Eye Coordination
    • Ability to Discriminate
    • Confidence Thought through Imagination
    • Problem Solving Ability
  • For 3months old or above.


Co-Block is created from a long study by a doctor of toys, Mr. Sam Lee, hoping our children who will lead our future to grow safely and happily! It is a unique toy all over the world, made with new materials in a new form that children can use their imagination with. This advanced block is not made with solid materials, but made with soft special materials. It is specially created for infants and toddlers who satisfy their needs by biting and sucking on pacifiers. It helps children play it as they want by themselves and develop creativity and an imagination, departing from standardised educational methods. It is also made in basic colours in order to let children see the world. It has a feature that they can be easily connected and taken apart unlike solid blocks that are hardly taken apart once connected, not with an existing method of holding blocks at points, but with a method of holding blocks on their block sides, in order to develop children’s creativity.


    • 此產品已包括送貨到工商地址或香港順豐站之運費,如有任何由順豐收取的額外附加費,此費用將由買家負責。
    • Included SF express fee to commercial address or SF Store. Addtional fee charged by SF will be paid by buyers.



    • 請顧客確認上述尺寸及顏色,產品一經收取後,恕不能更換
    • 已售產品恕不設退款服務
    • 顧客/獲授權收貨的人士在簽收貨品前須小心檢查及點算貨品數量,一經簽收後,Little Pony HK毋須再對該貨品負任何責任。
    • 如有任何爭議,Little Pony HK保留解釋及修訂所列服務之條款及細則之權利。


    Other terms and conditions:

    • Customers are required to confirm the size and color of the order. No replacement service would be arranged once the delivery service completed.
    • No refund for the sold products
    • Before customers or authorized person sign the receipt of the products, please check the amount and the products carefully. Once the receipt is signed, Little Pony HK will no longer bear the responsibility for the products.
    • In case of any dispute, Little Pony HK reserve the right to interpret the terms of service and the T&C.